AMD accidentally confirms that the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will arrive in 2020

We are slowly getting more details of the next consoles that Sony and Microsoft will launch. Sony’s console will be named PlayStation 5, but Microsoft’s console has no official name yet and is called Xbox Scarlett. According to AMD, both consoles will arrive in 2020, which has been rumored for months.

The PS5 would use an 8-core AMD Ryzen CPU and AMD Navi GPU: both are 7 nm

2020 is a reasonable date if we take into account that the life span of each console generation is about 7 years. The PS4 and Xbox One X were launched in late 2013, replacing consoles that were launched 7 years before. Sony and Microsoft have confirmed they are working on next-gen consoles. If we add AMD’s confirmation to it, then all the pieces fit together.

AMD currently provides the APUs that the PS4 and Xbox One use, both for the standard and upgraded versions. Everything suggests it will remain the same in the future. Lisa Su confirmed that “although AMD saw a decline in the APU chip segment, we expect significant growth starting from 2020 and onwards.”

These words clearly refer to the consoles because they are the only thing capable of selling millions of units is a short amount of time, unlike PCs because high-performance CPUs and GPUs are bought separately. Besides, AMD is already selling APUs, and even the business sector cannot cause a significant surge in sales.

Other rumors claim the PS5 will have an 8-core AMD Ryzen processor and a Navi GPU. Both chips are built on a 7 nm process. Navi will be exclusive to the PS5. It will be interesting to see which one the Xbox Scarlett will have.

4K and 60 FPS for PS5 games

AMD will launch its first 7 nm CPUs and GPUs for desktops in 2019, so it makes senses for consoles to follow the trend. AMD will be the only manufacturer capable of having CPUs and GPUs built on that process and producing as many units as needed by Sony and Microsoft.

The PS5 will offer 4K gaming at 60 FPS (although not everybody has a 4K TV, users can benefit from better anti-aliasing thanks to super-sampling). The PS4 Pro disappointed us with WQHD at 30 FPS (like Uncharted 4), while some games are 4K but only at 30 FPS. Besides, the report claims developers like Square Enix have the PS5 development kits and are working on games for the console. Other developers like Bethesda are still asking both companies about the power the consoles will have so they can make the most out of their games.

The PS4’s lifespan is almost over, although Sony still has some unannounced exclusives while some games are on the verge of being launched, like The Last of Us 2 and Death Stranding. We will probably know more about this at a Sony conference next year. The company will skip next year’s E3 for the first time in the convention’s history.