Apple makes move to stop market plunge: the iPhone XR is selling well

Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of product marketing, has stated “the iPhone XR has been our most popular iPhone each and every day since the day it became available,” addressing the exaggerated news about production cuts due to poor sales and a steep market plunge that saw Microsoft overtaking Apple’s first place in terms of market cap value.

Nothing lasts forever, and Apple has problems to keep growing. The honeymoon is over and iPhone sales dwindle. If 65% of your profits rely on phone sales, if the global market is clearly oversaturated, on a falling trend, and does not have any innovations that prompt users to upgrade their phones, and if you increase prices, the result will be evident.

It was easy to see the iPhone XR, the most attractive last-gen phone for its price-features ratio, being the best-selling iPhone ever. However, Apple’s vice president did not provide specific sales data to clarify the situation.

The latest decision taken after releasing the latest financial reports was to stop disclosing the amount of iPhone, iPad and Mac units sold, which the company had been doing so far. This has been seen as a move for less transparency and as a confirmation of falling sales, which were addressed by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook.

It is hard to comment without specific sales data, but Apple’s recent actions give us some clues: the return of the iPhone X and a country-specific upgrade program that would refund an important sum of money when you upgrade from previous iPhones. One of the countries enjoying the refunds is Japan, as rumors had it. Refunds were carried out through operators.

According to Apple’s vice president of product marketing, the iPhone XR certainly is “Apple’s most popular and best-selling iPhone.” However, this does not answer the questions about the company’s iPhone unit sales data.